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Financial Controller - Business Controller - Head Accounting

Financial Controller - Business Controller - Head Accounting

Work Experience

Company: Interim Finance & Control
Branch: Financial services
Period: May 2008 – present

Client: Coolcat Fashion (retail)
Position: Manager Accounting
Period: February 2013 – August 2013

Client: Maasstad Ziekenhuis (hospital)
Position: Head Financial Accounting
Period: May 2012 – November 2012
• Member of Management team “Finance & Control”
Leadership of department Financial Accounting (15 employees)
• Month end and quarter end closing
• Improvement plan for recovering the basics
• Implement improvement measures

Client: Robeco Nederland B.V. (asset management)
Position: Teamlead HR Services / Manager Payroll
Period: April 2010 – April 2012
• Responsible for the daily routine of HR Services
• Responsible for the monthly payroll process (900 employees and EUR 90 mio gross wages)
• Leadership of department HR Services (5 employees)
• Liaise with departments tax, internal audit, group finance, ADP, pension fund, etc.
• Arrange monthly and annual planning
• Arrange external and internal reports (e.g. group finance, pension fund, etc)
• Implement corrective measures in case of incidents
• Coordinate internal and external audits (IT, Tax, Operational, SOx)
• Implement and execute internal SOx controls
• Implement cost allowance scheme, pension scheme, changes tax legislation
• Implement back-office of expat desk
• Arrange and implement HR Manual
• Optimize and execute registration of options and LTI
• Implement and maintain Service Level Agreement of ADP

Client: Robeco Nederland B.V. (asset management)
Position: Financial Accounting Specialist
Period: September 2009 – March 2010
• Daily routine financial accounting of entity Robeco Nederland B.V.
• Month end and year end closing
• Execute SOx key controls
• Optimize administrative processes
• Solving backlog and clean up balance sheet (analysis, report, prevent)

Client: ASEP Holding B.V. since april 8th 2009 part of NOV Elmar (manufacturing)
Position: Group Controller
Period: March 2009 – August 2009
• Create new position within holding
• Review figures of subsidiaires in Singapore, USA, Mexico, Dubai, Turkey, UK, Netherlands
• Consolidation and analysis of group figures
• Optimize and standardize consolidation process
• Liaise with NOV corporate/auditors regarding PPA (Purchase Price Allocation)
• Implement NOV accounting policy within Dutch entities
• Change administrative organization regarding correct and complete financial reports within corporate deadlines (6 days)

Client: IHC Parts & Services B.V. (manufacturing/industry)
Position: Business Controller
Period: May 2008 – January 2009
• Member of Management team
• Leadership of department Financial Accounting (12 employees)
• Optimize management working capital
• Optimize management costs and orders
• Implement framework of management information
• Budgetting and forecasting
• Implement and safeguard internal controls
• Month end and year end closing

Client: KOG Edible Oils B.V. (currently part of Wilmar Int., Singapore)
Branch: Process industry (refinery edible oils)
Position: Finance Manager
Period: June 2006 – April 2008
• Leadership of departments Finance, Office and Payroll (7 employees)
• Change and manage month end, year end closing process from unstructured to standard
• Coordinate pre and final audit
• Submit financial reports to headoffice in Singapore (5 days)
• Compliance (IFRS, VAT, Intrastat, Personal income tax, Corporate income tax, social security)
• Implement P&C cycle e.g. management information report, budgeting
• Optimize and monitor costing
• Implement and safeguard internal controls
• Advise management
• Improve and optimize Navision
• Liaise with advisors, auditors, insurance company, tax authorities, etc.

Client: YACHT (subsidiary of Randstad)
Branch: Financial services
Position: Interim Professional
Period: December 1999 – May 2006

Interim assignments:

Client: Perfetti Van Melle Benelux B.V. (food industry)
Position: Sales and Marketing Controller
• Planning & Control of commercial organization e.g. forecasting and budgeting
• Reporting and analysis of results, explain deviations between actuals and budget

Client: IHC Parts & Services B.V. (manufacturing/industry)
Position: Assistent-controller
• Annual statutory accounts
• Improve management information from Chinese subsidiary
• IFRS impact analysis regarding valuation work in progress
• Developing Cash Forecast model in MS Excel
• Advisory payroll administration
• Improve internal controls regarding VAT compliance

Client: York Benelux B.V. (manufacturing / industry)
Position: Advisor
• Quickscan of department Accounts Payable and advise how to restructure

Client: Robeco Nederland B.V. (asset management)
Position: Advisor Internal Controls
• Internal controls regarding completeness, correctness of the payroll administration and reconciliation with the general ledger.

Client: Melitta SystemService Benelux B.V. (trade)
Position: Financial advisor
• Set up the financial and payroll administration for a new company
• Set up procedures regarding finance, payroll, taxes, social security, month end closing, accounts receivable, etc.
• Teamleadership department Financial Accounting
• Other advisory regarding pensions, insurances, taxes, Chamber of Commerce, etc.
• Sparring partner of Managing Director and liaise with external advisors, auditor, notary, lawyer, tax authorities, banks, etc.

Client: Melitta Nederland B.V. (trade)
Position: Head Financial Accounting
• Teamleadership department Financial Accounting (3 employees)
• Responsible for financial accounting, payroll, pensions, taxes, etc.
• Month end and year end closing
• Intercompany reconciliation, netting, cash-pooling, etc.

Client: Fortis ASR (banking and insurances)
Position: Project management administration of financial commitments
• Responsible for designing, testing and implementing the registration of financial commitments at ICT department
• Analysis and describe the P2P process of the ICT products

The period before Yacht I had positions at:
• Cadans Uitvoeringsinstelling B.V. (auditor tax authorities)
• Hypotrust B.V. (Assistant Head Financial Accounting)
• Accountantskantoor Van Herwijnen (Assistant-Accountant)


• 2000 Post-bachelor Controller (2000)
• 1998-1999 Basic Course Social Security Insurances
• 1993-1998 SPD (bachelor degree)
• 1992-1993 MBA
• 1988-1990 MEAO
• 1983-1988 HAVO

• 2004 Basic course IFRS
• 2005 Basic course Corporate Governance
• 2010 Counseling for Financials


• In figures and analytical
• Determined and no 9 to 5 mentality
• Responsible and result-oriented
• Overview but attention to detail
• Independent and hands-on
• Committed and flexible
• Representative and good communicator
• Used to deadlines
• Experienced to international environments


• Dutch (native)
• English (good)
• German (average)


• Cashier St. Oranje Comité Alblasserdam
• Committee member St. Fondswerving Evenementen Alblasserdam


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