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Senior Interim Manager - Trainer - Coach

Senior Interim Manager - Trainer - Coach

Work Experience

SInce 25 years experience as management trainer, coach, consultant and team leader in 30 countries.

I personally trained and consulted more than 45 000 managers in 30 countries.

I managed as interim manager different government and private sector projects in Belgium, Algiers, Bulgaria, Suriname is subcontracting from KPMG, UNISYS, EUROPE AID, US AID, WORLDBANK or directly contracted.

I do have in-depth experience in the following sectors:
Building contracting
Software development


Classical education in Masters of Economics in Leuven (Doctorandus), Belgium.
Special trainings at the HCA Uk and HCA Los Angeles in business consulting, interim management, marketing, PR.
Special education in ERP systems (SAP, NAVISION, ORACLE BASED).


General management, Special affairs, HRM, Change, Marketing, Quality Assurance, PR.


I do work in Dutch, French, English and German.
I do understand Russian, Bulgarian, Spanish.
I have some basic knowledge of Mandaring Chinese,


Entusiastic, no-nonsese Interim Manager


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