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managing director

managing director

Work Experience

Profesionnal Knowledge

Extensive knowledge of logistics, material management and physical distribution, being the total controle over the flow of goods and information from supplier to customer on a tactical and strategical level. Supply chain Management. Total quality control.

This means :

- material management : leading and coördinating all actions concerning production
( procurement, productionscheduling, warehousing components, inbound
JIT- experience

- physical distribution : leading and coördinating all actions to the deliver the finished products on
timer on the right place as efficient as possible
( warehousing, trafficmanagement)

- budgetcontrole
- ABC-costing implementation
- Peoplemanagement

Relevant profesionnal working experience

customs agent for Frans Maas Forwarding at Postel, Belgium border
- handling of all customs formalities

Logistics supervisor Just-In-Time at Johnson Controls Automotive Geel (payroll FransMaas)
- responsible for all handling concerning the control over the flow of goods from supplier
to client with the help of MRP-II, KAN BAN

Manager logistics department University Eindhoven
- implementation of logistics
- development and writing of logistical screenplay

Logistics Manager Fimli Lektuur Turnhout
- responsible for daily deliverance of books, magazines, video’s and CD’s in 3600
doors in Belgium
- optimizing traffic, distribution and warehouse
- budgetcontrole, leading 26 people

Logistics Consultant with K & T Management Consultancy
- traning and guiding of people working in the logistical areas
- helping companies with implementation of logistical procedures
- temporary management
- creating solutions for companies for their logistics problems

1997- 2000
Eurpean Warehouse and Distribution Manager with Estée Lauder Oevel Pharmaceutical
- reorganising warehouse and distribution activities for us as a european hub
- european direct deliveries Benelux, France and Austria
- global distribution management
- ABC-costing implementation
- MRP II, DRP III and ERP experience in a AS-400 environment
- supply chain management
- new product/brand integration (by acquisition or production in Oevel) in distribution

2000 – 2001
Managing Director Eurofrigo Venlo Holland (frozen food distribution) Temporary Assignment
- strategical, tactical and operational responsibilities warehousing and distribution
- leading 90 people ( blue and white collar) in 4 departments, human resources, finance
- budget-control, EDP development, business development, profit & loss responsibility
- acquisition of new accounts
- third party logistics, SAP-implementation (APO)

2001 – May – July
Supply Chain Manager : temporary assignment for PriceWaterhouseCoopers
- preparation and execution of complete move of stock (25000 pallets) for a Tele 2

2001 - September – September 2002
Director Operations: temporary assignment for Ernst & Young with Johnson Controls Automotive
In Brussels Anderlecht
- responsible for logistics, purchase and production of car-seats for VW Brussel
- leading 6 managers and 300 workers
- involvement in closing plant after board-of-directors decision
- 3 months negotiations with national unions about social plan

2002 –Oktober – june 2003
Operations Manager: temporary assignment with FransMaas Logistics Oostrum
- restructuring distribution for Xerox
- integrating Toshiba European distribution into process
- leading 300 people
- Working with Exceed WMS

2003 – July – October 2003
Operations Manager Furness Logistics Widness Liverpool
- Start-up of Elsevier worldwide distribution of medical books
- coordination of distribution logistics
- responsible for 150 people working in 3 shifts
- fine-tuning of operation
- Working with Logimax based WMS

2003 – November – April 2004
Logistics Consultant JIT Intier Automotive New Eastwood England
- Change-management : re-implementation BAAN IV
- re-evaluation complete flow of goods and information
- solving logistical problems
- consultancy Purchasing department: sourcing new global suppliers, negotiations, TQM

2004 – June – 2005 - March
Logistics Manager Casa International Itegem Belgium
- evaluation present logistic process
- bringing logistics and personnel up to speed in new WMS Locus, Navision
- replacing logistics manager
- research into building a new DC
- consultancy purchasing: sourcing new global suppliers, negotiations,

2005 – April – December
Operations/facility manager EXEL Wommelgem Belgium
- leading and innovating logistic process for client Sony + smaller clients
- change to lean and mean organisation
- facility management ; renegotiation contracts with suppliers
- project-management for complete layout and process change
- full integration WMS Progress

2006 – January – march
Consultant with Rodanar Pallets Snaaskerke Gistel
- optimalisation of complete supply chain: purchasing, warehousing, production, transport and facilities
- 2.5 % cost reduction on a 17 million euro turnover (340.000 euro /year)

2006 April – June
Supply Chain Consultant with Dossche Mills and Bakery Deinze for PMA-Advice
- optimalisation transport and warehouse, reduce cost from 6 to 5 % of turnover
- evaluation current personnel

2006 July – December
Supply Chain Consultant ASML Veldhoven
- streamlining serial production of high tech machines in assembly, final assembly and test workcenters
- introducing JIT, Kan Ban en lean production principles
- start up barcode project, tracking and tracing of 20.000 sku’s

Other skills

• People management
• Extensive PC knowledge
• Writing and speaking 4 languages : Dutch, French, German and English


University of Antwerp
- 2 years translator and interpreter

STOK Turnhout
- extensive management-course

CeVoRa Antwerp
- Production-scheduling
- warehousing
- physical distribution
- traffic management


university of Antwerp,
translator, interperter


people-management, change-management, managing director


englisch, dutch, german, french


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