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sr. consultant

sr. consultant

Work Experience

Imtech Consultancy & Management Services 10/ 2000 – present
A worldwide player in designing, constructing and maintaining infrastructures for offshore, utility, transport, telecommunications and other industries.

Senior Consultant, Business consulting. Focus: business development . Main activities; business- alignment and (interim) product development.

nl.tree, interim product management. Redesigned a product range of hosting products (incl. Business plan) and supervised the realisation of the infrastructure to enable the delivery of the new services.
Siemens, managing and building a new start-up (Accessium v.o.f.) focussed on ASP services for e-learning. Developing a serviceportfolio, building bridges to the v.o.f. shareholders for portfolio services and setting up the basic infrastructure for future employees.
Van der Stegge consortium, quick scan and defining a deployment strategy for employee training and development.
Imtech, business development within the group focused on e-government.

Filon Customer Interaction. 09/ 1999 – 10/ 2000
A startup company focused on customer analysis (database marketing) and customer interaction (multichannel- and infrastructure issues).

Founding partner and shareholder
Consultant. Specialised in business modelling (e.g. simulation), policy analysis and conceptual and technical specification of customer interaction solutions.

KPN Callcenters, Change management for the BPR department of KPN Callcenters.
KPN Telecom, e-mail @ KPN; Implementing and securing an e-mail management system (KANA) for KPN Telecom at 4 of the callcenter locations of KPN Telecom.
Various online concepts (DVN Organisation for diabetics), GE Plastics (General Electric), Videoland (a national chain of video rental stores).
VNR (a nationwide retail chain distributing reform products), realising a 1st generation website www.vnr.nl,
Belbios (a national 0800- & online reservation service for cinema tickets), analysing the Belbios infrastructure and formulating a new exploitation strategy for this (modified) infrastructure.

Quintop Management Consultants. 10/ 1998 – 09/ 1999
A Gouda-based company founded by 3 former Andersen consultants that offers consultancy in customer care, strategy, networking technology and ICT management.

Management Consultant, specifically in the field of process analysis, policy analysis and BPR. Apart from those activities also involved in creating multi-channel strategies and exploitation models.

ABN-AMRO, Headquarters Amsterdam. Process analysis and BPR for HR department recruitment.
ABN-AMRO, Headquarters Amsterdam. Policy analysis and BPR for HR department Employee benefits, which resulted in the redesigning of various channels (both information and logistic) and back office processing.
ABN-AMRO, Headquarters Amsterdam. Quick Scan aimed at the possibilities for improvement in course planning.
Warner Brothers: defining the specifications for a website build for the electronic distribution of artwork attached to various Warner products.
Sveaparken, preparing, launching and exploiting the Sveaparken website, a website for future residents of Sveaparken (a project of 1100 new homes) www.sveaparken.nl.

GMB Beheer/ Medisize 06/ 1997 – 09/ 1998
A holding company in which assets the Gurit-Heberlein Medical division were combined; Medisize (Dutch manufacturing company) and two distribution companies (Germany and Switzerland).

Business development/ product manager responsible for formulating actionable business plans deriving from the group strategy. Partially responsible for the respiratory products portfolio (junior product manager) at Medisize (100% daughter of Gurit Heberlein).


§ Delft University of Technology, Systems engineering, Policy analysis and Management, Delft (Holland) 1998-2002 resulting in a M.Sc. degree (in Dutch: “ir.” title)
§ Nima-B, Business-to-business marketing, passed exam May 1998
§ Rijswijk Polytech, Technology Management (Holland) 1994-1998 (higher professional education), passed exam January 1998 resulting in a B.Sc. degree ( in Dutch: “ing” title).
§ Leidse Instrumentmakerschool, Leiden (Holland) 1989-1994 (higher vocational education), for calculating, designing and construction of medical and laboratory instruments.
§ Fioretti College, 1985-1989 (general secondary education)

Delft University, Systems Engineering and Policy Analysis:

Faculty & section
At Delft University I studied Systems Engineering and Policy Analysis (SEPA) which is typically focussed on the management of technology. The objective and scope of the study is to understand the position of technology within a broader (e.g. political and/ or financial) setting and analysing the underlying factors of managing complex and unpredictable systems such as technology based projects and/ or companies.

My graduation assignment consisted of a study on the delivery of network services based on Application Service Provision for Accessium (a Siemens v.o.f.) and specifically the underlaying network economics. Issues within this study are the definition of the application layer, what business- and pricing model to adopt, defining a technology- and financial policy deriving from the strategic choices that were made. The Accessium project has typical network characteristics such as externalities, economies of scale, sunk costs, legal issues and finance (investment vs. exploitation). Practical deliverable of the study was a simulation model (programmed in PowerSim) for forecasting costs and revenue development per user under changing circumstances (variables.)
Reference: Dr. H. Bouwman, TU Delft. Prof. Dr. R. Wagenaar TU Delft.

Courses (abstract)
§ Continuous and discrete Dynamic Systems Modelling
§ Systems Engineering and Policy Analysis
§ Inter-organisational Decision Making
§ Decision Making in an international context
§ Decision Making models
§ Economics of infrastructures
§ Management of Technologically Complex Problems
§ e-business
§ Telecommunications network design
§ Policy, Economics and Legislation on the ICT-domain
§ Quantitative Dynamic Systems Modelling
§ Management and Organisation A + B
§ Modelling Decision Support Systems
§ Systems analysis and systems management
§ Technology and Society

Rijswijk Polytech, Department of Technical Business Administration:

A strategic re-orientation for the Medical Group of Gurit-Heberlein, a 500 US$ Swiss Holding company. The Medical Group represents 80 US$ million in revenues with various subsidiaries in western-Europe. Core business is the manufacturing and sales of disposable devices for ICU and Anaesthesia and Respiratory care world-wide. Issue: how to remain competitive in a market that is marked by cost containment, decreasing life time cycles, subsequent price erosion and up-scaling and concentration (acquisitions, mergers, JV’s, GPO’s).

Key items covered by the graduation report: implications of cost containment, MIS, demographics, emerging markets, government policies, reimbursement and insurance schemes, shift in-patient to out-patient, home care, portfolio analysis, 5C-analysis (Company, Customers, Competition, Context, Costs), detailed strategic options.

Product categories: catheters, infusion-transfusion, disposables for dialysis, dressings (non-wovens), filtration products, procedure kits & trays, laparoscopy & endoscopy products, disposables for anaesthesia and respiratory care.

Reference: Dr. R. Wehrli, COO, Senior Vice President Medical Division and Member of the Group Management of the Gurit-Heberlein concern.

Other activities
Students representative in the TH Rijswijk education commission

Project experience (during study)
§ Kamerlingh Onnes Laboratory Leiden, department of superconductor research
§ Akzo-Nobel, implications of the KWS-2000 agreement (reduction of CFC-emission within the resins-industry)
§ Researching the strategic development at the Energy Department at the NEM - Leiden, Holland.
§ Medisize, researching the feasibility of acquiring a resuscitation device (Kendall CardioVent®) to complement product lines. Aspects: market structures, substitutes, competition, market potential, critical volumes, costs of implementation and support.

Traineeship experience
§ Bottleneck and efficiency analysis of an assembly line for respiration appliances at Medisize bv Holland. Reference: Ir. Herman Lippers, Head project management.
§ Developing and programming a computer application for strategic purposes in Lotus Notes® for the marketing department of DSM Resins, BU of the DSM Corporation. Reference: Dr. Aldert van Buuren, Marketing research Manager.
§ Departments of Eye-healing and Physiology at LUMC, Leiden (University Hospital)

Leidse Instrumentmakerschool:

Exam courses: - Electronics 1
- Material Science Secondary courses: - Construction engineering - Electronics 2 - Optics
- Mathematics - Physics
- Measurement techniques - Vacuum techniques
- Constructive design - Laboratory techniques
- General Professional Science - CNC-Applications


§ Dutch, fluently in both speaking and writing
§ English, fluently in both speaking and writing
§ German, fluently in speaking, average in writing

Professional (keywords)
§ analytically strong
§ creative in strategy, tactics and practical operational solutions
§ determination
§ good social skills


§ Dutch, fluently in both speaking and writing
§ English, fluently in both speaking and writing
§ German, fluently in speaking, average in writing


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