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Work Experience

Vakgroep hoofd Secundaire Techniek at Joulz
Acquisition Lead at Altran
Product Ontwikkeling at PlugGo

Your Business Expansion 01-02-2016 till today
Co-founder, Partner, Relation Management and Acquisition
Your Business Expansion believes that in an ever more globalizing and networked world, SMEs have a huge untapped potential to grow beyond their current geographical borders.
Your Business Expansion recognizes that launching a product or service into a new market typically involves a major commitment for a business. Therefore Your Business Expansion has developed a program to partner with SMEs from outside the Netherlands to enter the Dutch and potentially other European markets.

Innovatie 01-08-2014 till today
Owner, General Management
Innovation assists owners of companies to run and grow their business. I am an associate to the Institute for Independent Business (IIB), a network of over 5.000 specialists all over the world that assists owners in executing their business for over 30 years.
Innovatie helps companies to pivot their business models and by doing so make their business ready for the future.

Connected Loyalty Boxtel 02-01-2012 till 02-01-2014
Owner, Business Development
Define, establish and start a new company, Connected Loyalty, that aims to remove all plastic cards from your wallet. Designs finished, life demonstration and organisation established. Halted due to financing problems at the third round of financing.

Vodafone - Sixpack Utrecht 01-09-2010 till 01-07-2011
Programme Director
Establish a programme for the Sixpack initiative. The initiative aimed to introduce mobile payment services in the Netherlands. The three main operators and the three main banks established an independent entity, called Sixpack, to develop the service and introduce it to the market.
Programme defined and started where 6 companies worked together with the central organisation Sixpack. Designs ready and RFI/RFP processes finished.

Vodafone Son 03-09-2007 till 31-08-2010
Head of (General Manager) Enterprise Technology
Define, specify and build an FMC solution for Vodafone the Netherlands.
Wrote a 5 year plan together with colleague from Marketing with an estimated turn-over of 100m euro and a budget of 40m euro was approved by the board and later also by the board of Vodafone Group. Team size: 35 people.
Organisation established and the service launched in the market.

Vodafone Group Beijing 01-01-2005 till 31-08-2007
Director R&D China
Select a location for a new R&D centre in Asia after a study of three years. After approval by the board of Vodafone Group, established a new company in Beijing with an initial budget of 10m euro and a running budget of 3m euro.
Define the long term programme primarily around 4G, hire people and get the company running.

Vodafone Group Maastricht 01-04-2001 till 31-12-2004
Head of (General Manager) Group R&D Netherlands
Lead an R&D centre of 30 people and a budget of 10m euro. Specialises in Motivational research, long term capacity planning, network topology, new service options.
Examples: Virtual participation, Always Best Connected, Remote monitoring, Travel time measurements, Fixed Mobile Convergence, NFC services, V-Life and few spin-off companies.

Libertel Maastricht (became later Vodafone) 01-01-1999 till 31-03-2001
Manager R&D
Establish the new department. Define the programme and lead projects.
Provided advice to the board for the GSM1800 and UMTS auctions and researched service opportunities on top of voice - rich voice services.


HBO Computertechniek

Strategic Product Development
University of Groningen 1999

Business Strategy Course
University of Groningen 2000
Brand Management
University of Groningen (no exam) 2001
Cultural awareness 2001
Remote Team Management 2001
Regina Couli Institute, Vught 2001
Effective Skill in a matrix organisation 2003
An academic approach to Strategy 2003


Leider, Organisator, Conceptueel, Creatief, Ondernemend en Pragmatisch
Verander Management; Lijn Management; Project Management




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