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Project manager

Project manager

Work Experience

Martin is a highly experienced project – change manager and consultant. Much experience has been gained in projects at the intersection between ICT and
business processes in the project-driven, manufacturing and service industries. After various management roles (country manager, sales manager, unit manager) within international software firms, Martin decided (in 2001) to focus on consultancy and project management, at environments with combinations of aspects such as business processes, organization, culture, information systems and projects.
From 2015, extensive knowledge has been added about the Salesforce Clouds, SF technology as well as various Apps on the Force.com platform.
Martin is characterized by his experience and sense of situations and culture and reacting appropriately. Quick successes are achieved by his ability to communicate and motivate team members and staff, as well as his hands-on mentality.

June 2017 - Today
Salesforce / Force.com project manager. Several small projects at Salesforce customers. IT Cloud software at Manufacturing, Distribution and Service industry.
Tasks: Creation of PID (Prince2), Plan of Approach, Implementation planning, team set up and third part contracting.
Characteristics: Related to implementation of Apps on the Salesforce platform (Force.com)

April 2016 - June 2017
Setting up an organization to implement and support a Cloud ERP solution and additional Salesforce / Force.com apps (CRM, CPQ, PM tools, Finance, HRM, Services).
Related roles: Salesforce Business Analyst /Salesforce consultant/Salesforce architect/Salesforce trainer on behalf of Balanced Force and Rootstock EMEA.
Projects at industrial companies and a Nonprofit organization.
- setting up of “Sales Clouds”
- setting up of “CRM for projects”
- executing Salesforce training to end users
- functional and architectural design related to a common breakdown structure and financial reporting for a combination of apps on the force.com platform.

June 2015 - April 2016
Change manager at Siemens Energy. Engineer to Order (ETO manufacturing) business.
Characteristics: where the implementation of new enterprise software asked for process and job changes at the departments engineering, planning, procurement and finance.
Changes are related to business processes, procedures, systems and to a large extent “the culture”.
Different interests and visions between mother and daughter organization contributed to the increased complexity of managing change.

Oct. 2013 - May 2015
Project manager at Siemens Energy. Engineer to Order (ETO manufacturing) business.
Characteristics:Project management for the implementation of new enterprise software with high impact on existing business at Siemens Energy / NEM Energy in the Netherlands,
USA and Middle East.
Extensive integration, testing and deployment model (SAP SD, MM, PS, FI, CO and third-party software). Prince 2 methodology applied.
Large global ERP, CRM, Finance, HRM, PM implementation with add-ons, migrations, extensive integrations, Large (political) multinational environment, Prince2.

June 2011 - Sep. 2013
Adviser and Management consultant, Business consultant, Requirement analyst at Siemens Energy. Engineer to Order (ETO manufacturing) business.
Characteristics: Counselor related to the selection and purchase of business software at NEM Energy / Siemens Energy. Supervising the project team (40 people) and advice management.
Monitor the agreed procedures, methods and planning. Contact control regarding suppliers. Including activities like; Requirement engineering, Solution architecture, software packages selection, Prince2.

Project manager and Business consultant at Van Mierlo bouw, Ooms Averhorn, Midreth bouw, BK bouw, Meulen bouw.
Characteristics: Engineering & Construction business. Project management and consultancy at various MS Dynamics (ERP, CRM, HRM, Finance) implementations in the "SMB segment" .
Planning and coordination of the implementation process of ERP / CRM / Services systems in construction, installation and production industries,
as well as controlling time and budget. Bridging role between suppliers and customers.
With specific attention to the organization (culture), which often have to "overcome" the changes. Prince 2 and IPMA methods used.

Project manager and Business consultant at Moeskops.
Characteristics:Engineering & Construction. Project management and consultancy related to the implementation of DMS (SharePoint) and back office systems integrations.
Conducting an internal analysis, determining the level of ambition, guiding a package selection and implementation of a Document Management System (SharePoint)
in a project-driven organization.

Management consultant and Change manager at Enerflex (Global Service industry).
Enerflex is a publicly traded, globally operating company that engineers, designs, manufactures and provides after-market support for equipment, systems and turnkey facilities.
Its headquartered in Canada. Enerflex bought three Dutch companies, all building and maintaining Climate Control Systems for mainly Greenhouses.
Characteristics: the three companies were obliged to bring in line their processes and IT systems. This process proceeds with difficulties.
I was asked by the Canadian office to clarify the situations related to the organizations and systems, build and execute a plan for improvement, and support the change.

Business Consultant at Province Gelderland (Government)
Consultancy with regard to a change in strategy at the province of Gelderland.
Characteristics: review of the "new way of working" and its impact on the organization and its employees. Business / Processes analyses.

Project manager at Maurice kassen, Versteden piping and Axess.
Characteristics: manufacturing segment. Implementation of Trimergo ERP, including CRM, Services and additional Finance software.

Project manager at Philips Nijmegen (semiconductors).
Characteristics: manufacturing segment. Implementation of Trimergo ERP integrated with SAP (Philips system).

Project manager at Busch.
Characteristics: manufacturing segment. Project management for the implementation and optimization of Infor LN ERP.

Software Architect at QC
Characteristics: IT software development. Creating the functional descriptions and directing the development of add-ons to ERP for industrial / manufacturing companies.
Java, .NET and web applications.

Business consultant at Alstom Power (Fr) and Snecma Aerospace (Fr)
Characteristics: manufacturing segment (ETO). Business consultancy with regard to ERP, business process and add-ons optimizations.
Including Alstom Power and Transport (FR, DE), Snecma Aerospace Engines in France.
Special attention to the impact of the changes on the organizations.

Project manager CRM at Baan Company (IT software company)
Characteristics: project management CRM. Implementation of a CRM system within a 'global sales' organization (Baan Company).
Planning, coordination and monitoring of the CRM implementation process. Time and budget control.
Motivating and encouraging the internal (sales and marketing) organization and its employees (3000 users).

Global large accounts manager at Baan Company (IT software company)
Characteristics: manage (account and partly program management) of the global top 20 accounts. Global sales management and program management (including running projects).

Product marketing manager at Baan Company (IT software company)
Characteristics: determine the solution package for the ETO / project industry segments.

Country manager Baan Company (IT software company)
Characteristics: country management, with responsibility for the country results (200+ FTE).

BU manager at Baan Company (IT software company)
Characteristics: business unit management within an international IT company. Controlling international teams on sales and implementation.
Global responsibility for the segment "project industries" (> 100 M). Residence at foreign locations; USA, Asia.

Global Sales manager at Baan International (IT software company)
Characteristics: sales leadership, nationally and internationally in the software industry.
Also, initiation and support of national organizations with residence in the US, Asia and several European countries.

Sales, consultancy en project management in the software industry at Baan Info Systems (IT software company)
Characteristics: various positions at software developer, focused on "Small and Medium Enterprises".


- HBO/Bachelors, HOS (business/management), SPD I/II (accountancy).
- Project management courses, including IPMA (since 1985) en Prince2 (since 1992)
- Extensive Salesforce training, including SF Cloud platform technique (admin), Sales Cloud (CRM), Service Cloud
and several native App’s on the Salesforce Appexchange platform, including ERP, Finance, Project
Management tools.
- Extensive software consultancy education (ERP, CRM, service, PDM, PM software) and business process training.
Including MS Dynamics, SAP (limited), Infor/Baan, PM/PSA software.
- Agile CA Rally (Scrum tool).
- Multiple sales (methods) and marketing training.
- Courses document management systems.
- Courses in business processes, structure and change management.


Project management related to business sofware and business processes
Business consultancy related to business sofware and business processes


Dutch (native)


IT / Software Keywords; CRM, ERP, PM, DMS, Finance, HRM, Services, CPQ, SAP, Baan/Infor, Trimergo, MS Dynamics, Rootstock, Salesforce, Force.com,

Market Segments; ETO, ATO, MTO, Project-driven engineering, manufacturing, construction, services


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