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Werkervaring interimmanager

• Result driven manager with a great experience on restructuring organizations from a loss to a profit situation in a short time.
• Capable to interact on all levels with a very strong network.
• Managed large sales/delivery organizations in software and professional services working in a quarterly driven matrix orientated companies.
• A strong focus on execution of plans and creating focus in an organization
• Able to build teams and to motivate in a technical environment

Work experience

2010 November – Current

Advising de Friesland zorgverzekering met de outsourcing van IT en Facility management with in total 80 FTE and cost structure of 25 M

2010 November – 2013 January
• P/L responsible
• 3 direct reports (15 people in total)
• Main customers: Tax office Alliander, ING, ISS, Delta, Nuon. DFZ Achmea

I am appointed as CEO to bring this local organization to a new level and create a service offering that will bring new customers and enhance repeat business.
The growth in the first year was 156% on revenue.

InteQ is an organization that helps customers to deliver and manage projects/change by evaluating what customers want to achieve instead of just creating a project plan from the start. The name stands for Intelligent Quality where they look through the window of quality to asses the intelligence that is needed at the beginning.

2008 April – august 20010
Chairman of the non-executive board AKH (part of Kasbank)

2007 July - December 2010

• P/L responsible
• 8 direct reports (75 people in total)
• Main customers: HBOS, Masreq bank, DFZ, Liberty Travel, Agrico, Broekman, Telia Sonera, Turlock, Nature Sunshine, Achmea, Ems Chemie , De Lage Landen. EuropCar, ING, ArcelorMittal.

I was appointed as CEO to bring this international organization based in Europe and the US to a new level.
The growth in the first year was 112% and the second year 80% on revenue.

Reorganized the organization from a purely technical to a sales focused one, introducing processes and procedures and a delivery methodology. During this time we also changed the look and feel of the company by creating a new house style.
Asysco is a leading technology provider for the Unisys mainframe environment. They help customers to protect and enhance their investments in mission-critical enterprise applications. The technology and solutions provide customers with all the tools they need to migrate their legacy applications to an open systems environment, thereby lowering the costs of maintaining existing enterprise applications and speeding-up the development and the time to market of new applications. At the same time, the customers are able to continue to enjoy the unparalleled robustness, security and availability of the traditional mainframe environment.
Asysco is a global company and has more than 30 years experience in the Unisys and mainframe markets. They have over a hundred customers in more than twenty countries around the world. Among them are leading companies in the financial services sector, insurance, retail, manufacturing, wholesale, education and government.

2006 September - 2007 August
Software AG Nederland

• Country manager (MD)
• P/L responsible
• 5 direct reports
• Main customers: Kasbank, Fortis, Schiphol, Essent.
• Total Revenue Euro 7 Mil

I was appointed as MD in September 2006 and I came in to an organization that had been without management for over a year. The Dutch company had no clear goals for customers and had no account plans in place.
Relocated the organization and made it profitable again.

2005 September - 2006 September
Sitel Nederland

• Country manager (MD)
• P/L responsible
• 12 direct reports (980 people in total)
• Main customers: UPC, HP, LinkSys, Sanoma, ABN-Amro, Agis etc
• Total Revenue Euro 28 Mil

I was appointed as MD in September 2005 and I reorganized the company by setting up a new structure. When I joined I found that the HR director was not appointed and the operational director was sick for over 4 month’s due to stress and the organization was close to fire the financial director. This caused that the revenue was going down and cost was out of control. By the beginning of 2006, 540 positions where filled within 6 month’s the organization had doubled in revenue and was showing a profit.
I have boosted the business by expanding existing customers and closed new deals with Agis, UPC and ABN-Amro and Sanoma.

2000 Jan – 2005 April
Compuware Holland

• Country manager (MD)
• P/L responsible
• 12 direct reports (260 people in total)
• Doubled Revenue in three years
• Main customers: ING, ABN-AMRO, Centrix, KLM, Government, NSR, TUI etc.
• Total Revenue Euro 25 Mil

Started the first of January 2000 as senior sales for the professional services (PS) department to close contracts with large customers like ING, Philips, Aegon etc.
I did this for 8 month’s and was promoted to sales director for the PS department reporting to the MD for PS in Holland managing 8 people.
In July 2001 I was promoted to MD for the PS department and was responsible for the P&L for Holland and reported to the VP Europe of Compuware.
I was managing 12 direct reports in an organization of 160 people
In the fall Compuware announced the merger of the two divisions, products and professional services, to one organization.
I was appointed in February of 2002 to be the Managing Director of this new organization and I was responsible for US$ 7.5 M in new licenses sales, US$ 7 M in maintenance and US$ 6 M in PS sales.
I have managed to change the internal organization into a “fun and fighting” structure where the customers became the central point.
This has resulted in a growth of 79 % in license sales and a 56 % maintenance growth in the first year and 35% overall in the second year

1999 April – 1999 December

• Account director
• 4 Direct reports
• Main customers: ING, Mercedes Benz RABO Bank,
• Total revue Euro 600.000

I joined INS to setup a global account team for them to expand their business with large multinationals around the globe.
I focused on the domestic market to achieve my goals. I have made successful contact with Roccade, Mercedes Benz, Telemedia, ING, and Defense.
Left this organization when they were bought by Lucent

January 1995 – March 1999
Equant IS

• Global account manager
• 7 direct reports
• Main customers: ING, AMGEN, KLM, ASML, RABO
• Creation of complete new offerings
• Build long lasting relationships
• Total Revenue Euro 12 Mil

October 1992 – December 1995
B & B Network systems

• Technical director
• 9 direct reports
• Main customers Resellers
• Setup of assembly line for 400 computers a day
• Setup and buildup of the Romanian outfit
• Total revenue Euro 3 mil

April 1985 – December 1992
Bakker Brothers

• Head of automation
• In charge of technical department in Africa
• 2 direct reports
• Setup of complete automation from network to programming

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1979 MTS Hoorn
1985 HTS AOT BS and Ing. Amsterdam

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Change management
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