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Specialist Marketing

Specialist Marketing

Work Experience

Since 01/2004 Xact. Agency for modern communication
Marketing analysis of brands and products and their strategic position
Strategy as well as selection of suitable measures to reach the goal, appropriate to company, brand and product (car industry, metal working and drinks industry, associations)

Marketing comprehensive consulting
- from the brand positioning over development of the appearance up to print, images and display of a start up enterprise
- leading a sports club (regional league) to a marketable product, incl. planning the stadium building

market observation and marketing research
- competitive analysis
- finding innovative solutions
- checking the agreed measures by pretests
- cooperation with marketing research institutes

classical advertising/ public relations
- print, i.e. advertisement and posters
- new media, i.e. Internet advertising, Google-ads, ad word marketing
- media evaluation and media planning focused on contact optimization
- public relations, contacts with journalists

- selection of sponsoring measures and their implementation as well as contractual arrangements
- incentive project planning and realization for customers
- concept and realization of fair appearances
- promotions, also on private television (TV soaps, prize lotteries) and POS activities

network marketing
- market analysis and opening of new business segments, for example sale of beer of a brewery in cooperation with a sports car manufacturer in his production outlets
- cooperation preparation and mediation of contacts by network use; consulting the cooperation partners

Marketing staff logistics, i.e. recruitment and employment planning
Logistics material procurement, e.g. equipment material and advertising articles incl. drawing up the capital goods budget

Marketing quantitative and qualitative checking of the goal reaching
Controlling constant budget control accompanying the process

Result tailor-made marketing solutions, fast and extensively transformed in the market, innovative approaches, e.g., in the new media range or private television developed, new outlets and new business segments opened

01/1991 - 12/2003 Krombacher Brauerei Bernhard Schadeberg GmbH and Co.
04/1993 - 12/2003 Dienstleistungsagentur für Media und Sponsoring GmbH subsidiary of the brewery (100 %) Marketing Event Manager

Marketing Strategy analysis of the sponsoring market
and planning planning, purchasing and implementing measures
budget planning and budget responsibility (15 million euros)
leadership responsibility for 15 employees
control up to 50 freelances

Projects planning, responsibility and realization up to 400 arrangements per year (nationwide/ international) for the first time implementing the whole marketing range

of DEL by complete occupancy of the "box" ice hockey DEL, DEB, IIHF
Development and realization of cross promotions, e.g., Krombacher and Adidas in the event and sponsoring range

Sponsoring innovative sponsoring, e.g., excluding occupancy of the bully circles in the ice hockey or round around boards 240 m in the European Cup (Werder Bremen / Fenerbahce Istanbul)
concept and first-time realization of TV presenting
introduction of cross-media operations, e.g. transmission of the advertising statement to all media, like gangs, media, i.e. TV and print, Internet and sponsoring and presenting (today standard)
implementation and support of the concluded contracts for the first time central marketing advertising rights UI-Cup (93-96)
idea and realization Krombacher round DSF

Fairs development and realization of the fair appearance appropriate for brands

Result promotion brand "Krombacher" from No. 4 in the market to the market leader „ calm nature brand “ moved into the focus by sponsoring

increasing the degree of fame as a sponsor about 300%
connection of the brand with dynamics, size and internationality
the most popular product in the range NGG of product group beer in 2003
cost saving up to 50% by concentrating the measures
supported fame "Krombacher" from 40% to 98%
unsupported fame from 16% to 74% (1992 2004)

01/91 - 03/93 Krombacher Brauerei Marketing Management
PR Manager
leadership responsibility for 8 employees

Marketing Strategy basic principles developed and with DMS implemented:
and Planning exclusivity, continuity and quality

Measure Planning selection of suitable single measures
Strategy Implementation planning of the setting up of the " service agency for media and
sponsoring GmbH “

Public Relations production of internal (e.g., house magazine) and external (sales catalogues, brochures and image films) to advertising means in cooperation with product management
development and support of press contacts
controlling of external PR agency
internal PR measures, e.g., company presentation (15,000 visitors in the year)

Sponsoring first-time exclusive occupancy range of the field of handball by:
sponsor's contracts with single clubs of the handball national league (THW Kiel) (the national association (DHB), the European
association (EHF) and the international association (IHF))

Contract preparation, and later conversion and support by contracts and a. with:
UEFA union of European Football Associations
German Football Association German football Collar
IBU International Biathlon Union
DLV of German Track and Field Association
EAA European Athletic Association
DHB German Hockey Association
FIL Federation International de Luege (World Rowing Association)

Pioneering work: concepts in the field of sports sponsoring in collaboration with lawyers

Fairs concept, planning and realization of approx. 20 national and international fairs p. a.
creating a controlling system to optimize the efficiency of a fair

Result increase of the fame as a sponsor

enriching the brand with dynamics, size and internationality compared with expenses extremely favourable
increased efficiency about 100% by (selective) combined – sponsoring
penetration (100%) of an advertising field with the brand Krombacher in the sports range

04/1986 - 12/1990 Holsten Brauerei AG, Hamburg
Product Manager Catering Trade / Arrangements
2 employees, up to 40 freelances

Markting Strategy development of franchise systems compared with leading gastronomical concepts and Planning as for example Holstenkrüge

Project Management VKF: e.g., operation packages for innkeepers for the Fussball-EM,
trade promotions, e.g., collective operations and raffle operations in trade
budget planning and control
market launch Eastern Germany: setting up of the marketing structures and sales structures and distribution channels
development, planning and control of a catering trade outdoor
advertising acceptable to brands, approx. 10,000 properties

Product development introduction of the catering trade brand "Duckstein"
and Introduction introducing catering articles, e.g., glasses, bottle-openers, coasters

Fairs planning, organization and realization of all fair appearances, and a. first-time presence on the fair INTERNORGA

Sponsoring development and management of all sponsoring activities for all brands of the get-team, and a. Tennis ATP series in Hamburg Rotherbaum, ATP final Frankfurt (tennis world championship), 6 days race in Bremen, show-jumping in Hamburg Kleinflottbek, trotting course Bahrenfeld, German gallop derby in Hamburg-Horn
pioneer: carrying out the first beer brand product placement, and a. site of crime, men of the K3; TV presenting introduced with the cult series Freut Euch des Nordens “ with approx. 1 million viewers
interlinking of different measures like product placement, presenting and incentive, purchasing of promotion articles

Events regional arrangement concepts developed, e.g., music tour in the holiday areas by the North Sea and the Baltic Sea

Result successful introduction of the catering trade brand "Duckstein"

significant increase of the name recognition of the brand "Holsten" by presence exclusively in the range of Tennis Germany ATP,

additional use: image transfer in the direction of premium segment

Education and continuing education, military service

04/1984 - 03/1986 Mettler Waagen Deutschland GmbH, Giessen
worldwide leading Swiss manufacturer of electronic scales for the laboratory and industry range
Sales Consultant

Assignments distribution construction of the till then untreated area of Sauerland
personal elevation of decision-maker's dates on site
personal customer's acquisition and engaged support focused on the field of industry

Result area-covering announcement of the brand Mettler
sales budget fulfillment: 100%


10/1981 - 03/1984 economic field school for the hotel trade and catering industry, Dortmund

conclusion: by the state examined management expert

08/1978 - 09/1981 teach and years of travel in the catering trade

09/80 - 09/81 Steigenberger Airport Hotel, Frankfurt am Main, Chief Steward,
36 employees with the most different nationality

06/80 - 08/80 Hetzel Hotel Hochschwarzwald, Schluchsee, Chief Steward

03/80 - 05/80 Weinkrüger GmbH, Hamburg, Assistant Restaurant Manager

12/79 - 01/80 Hotel of Inter-Continental, Hannover, Executive Chief Steward

10/79 - 11/79 Hotel NIKKO, Düsseldorf, Chief Steward

08/78 - 09/79 Hotel of Inter-Continental, Düsseldorf, Assistant Chief Steward

05/1976 - 07/1978 Staatliches Kurhotel Schlangenbad,Schlangenbad near Wiesbaden
conclusion: Hotel Businessman

10/1974 - 12/1975 military ground service
as a distant dispatch rider in Pinneberg and Cuxhaven

09/1961 - 07/1973 elementary school, secondary school, college
advanced technical college maturity Heidelberg college


The entire spectrum of modern marketing, classical advertising, new media, media, sponsoring, events – that is my world!

Dear Ms, Dear Mr,

Thank you for the very informative telephone call. I am sending some initial information about myself in the enclosure. I would like to thank you in advance for your interest.

I am applying for your vacant position. I would like to work in this task environment not least because it matches my well-founded knowledge in many areas.

To reach the stated goals, in my experience, it is important

Dear Ms, Dear Mr,

Thank you for the very informative telephone call. I am sending some initial information about myself in the enclosure. I would like to thank you in advance for your interest.

I am applying for your vacant position. I would like to work in this task environment not least because it matches my well-founded knowledge in many areas.

To reach the stated goals, in my experience, it is important

• To have a total willingness to exceed the set goals and results
• To rapidly comprehend situations and solutions, to do the right thing in changing environments
• To be able to rapidly and independently implement the established strategies and
concepts in the market on one’s own initiative, to recognize and use the priorities
presented by the resulting opportunities
• To have experience in planning, organizing and carrying through projects in-country
and abroad
• To have provable success through active communications in the B2B as well as the
B2C segments in various industry sectors (FMCG, energy, metal, automotive,
• To be able to use the network built up during the years
• To contribute marketing and sales-oriented initiatives and innovations while building
up and maintaining the brand
• To use the entire bandwidth of facilities to provide classical advertising (CI/CD) and
public relations, below the line activities such as sponsoring/events and promotions
especially along with networking.
• To take all available marketing channels into account such as media, print and new
• To have experience in the brand, sponsoring and licensing rights sectors, in their uses
and implementation, to have negotiation and contract security
• To find and use innovative solutions for the best possible presentation, marketing and development of each product
• To have experience in creating new structures (2 x agency)
• To involve all participants; that means to practice cooperative leadership and have a convincing communications manner toward the employees and the other team
members and business partners
• To not neglect the also supposedly lesser virtues such as cost awareness, loyalty, commitment
• To have sales oriented and sales focused reasoning as the basis of many actions
• To generate and use provable success in gaining, supporting and advising customers

Successful marketing and communications management does not necessarily need to win prizes for creativity; rather they should sell, above all.

After many successful years in self-employment, I would like to contribute the above-sketched range of experiences to the management tasks you have posed with great personal commitment. Have I awakened your interest? I thank you in advance for your attentiveness.




Trainings and Seminars

Contract law, fiscal law, rhetoric, employee's guidance, employee's motivation,
online marketing, intranet, instructor's aptitude test, landlord's letter

Other appropriate experiences and knowledge

Microsoft Office, organization tools, Lotus Notes, Keyword Advertising, Affiliate / Graphicals
English safe about negotiations and grounding French


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