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Project Support Officer

Project Support Officer

Work Experience

She is a project coordinator with extensive expertise in administrative procedures. Several times she has written procedural manuals for office and administrative staff, which staff members have used successfully to take on new tasks independently and without personal guidance. Herewith Josje has secured the quality of service to her clients. Through her broad experience in several positions and roles within a variety of organizations, cultures and countries, she is quickly able to smoothly take on pending tasks. She is always interested in contributing to a greater efficiency of the tasks at hand. She has worked in office environments in the Netherlands, Belgium and the United States, and has gained excellent written and verbal communication skills in Dutch and English.

SR PMO Project Control
Assigned by Buckaroo / Global Collect (both part-time) 2013 – May 2014
WBSO is a fiscal subsidy in the form of a tax credit with which the Dutch government encourages businesses to execute research & development for innovative activities.
General support project administration for WBSO subsidy.
• Responsible for the design of hour registration system to log R&D hours of ICT resources
• Responsible for compliance of the logged hours to tax law and other regulations
• Planning, control and monitor progress of the projects
• Financial analysis and reporting to management

Opleidings- en Ontwikkelfonds OOZZP – SR PMO ESF Project 2011 – May 2014
European Social Fund offers grant money for educational activities within companies. Educational and Development Fund OOZZP has made it possible for independent contractors to apply for grant money as well.
Set up a tool to register participants and financial process which is compliant with the aan de ESF 2007-2013 regulations of the Ministry SZW.
• Implementation administrative organisation
• Train and instruct administrative support people, communicate ESF rules
• Inform and assist potential applicants of the required documentation
• Coordinate and execute project administration
• File monitoring, control and checking
• Describe processes for administration
• Design payment process to individual applicants

Baker Tilly Berk Accountants and Agency of Ministry SZW (Social Affairs and Employment)
Consultant Accountancy ESF Subsidy 2012 – March 2014
European Social Fund offers grant money for educational activities within companies. There are strict rules for project administration in order to proof compliance. In order to be compliant with the grant requirement of the ESF subsidy, accountants will review each project administration.
Responsibilities: report findings after carefully review participants information, participation in training and educational activities, financial administration (invoices and proof of payment) by employers.

Nuon Vattenfall – Safety Training Advisor September 2012 – February 2013
Responsible for the organisation and planning of Safety training activities for plant personnel on several locations in the Netherlands. Temporary replacement during maternity leave.
• Tasks: hiring trainers, planning groups, reserving training rooms, distribute course materials, invite trainees, monitor budget and invoices, register results in HR application
• Quality assurance
• Financial analysis and management reports

VGZ Health Insurance – ICT Training Coordinator September 2009 – October 2012
Coordinate and facilitate ICT training activities
• Responsible for the process “Automation & Delivery Educational Activities” of all ICT and Project Management training needs, amongst others by means of SharePoint and intranet
• Analysis Processes and executing improvement
• Quality assurance of delivered training activities
• Realisation of cost reduction by centralising purchase and delivery educational activities for ICT departments and teams
• Financial analysis and reporting
• Contribute to individual training profiles
Results: Supporting documentation:
- Service Catalog ICT Education
- Detailed administrative protocols per process
- Templates for managing different processes
- Management reports about personnel educational activities

HP Netherlands – Project Leader Education September 2008 – April 2009
Responsible for coordination and facilitation of English and Dutch language ICT courses.
• Responsible for delivery process of custom made training projects
• Financial analysis and reporting
• Analysis and implement process improvements
• Responsible for quality of delivered training program
• Written detailed manuals regarding processes and work flow
• Training staff members, coordinating transfer of tasks

Project leader European Social Fund Grant September 2006 – 2013
Assigned by: Accon-avm Accountants & Advisers; Hewlett Packard Netherlands; Ordina; Vattenfall

The European Social Fund subsidy has been granted and the procurement and financial processes for the ESF administration (2005-2007) are designed and set up, the administrative system has been described. The digital and hardcopy project administration has a substantial back log. There is little to no knowledge regarding the ESF-subsidy present within the organization. Result: The project administration is entirely compliant with the grant requirement of the ESF subsidy.
• Execute and improve the ESF project administration
• Inventory activities done prior to involvement of ProjectOffice
• Write a plan of operation
• Carry out internal check and control of the administration
• Install a project team and divide tasks within the project
• Collect and check materials for the grant administration and check compliancy of the money spent
• Process improvement and optimization; description administrative processes
• Prepare interim and final reports

Hewlett Packard Netherlands; Global Collect – Projectleader Subsidy WBSO 2007 – 2012
WBSO is a fiscal subsidy in the form of a tax credit with which the Dutch government encourages businesses to execute research & development for innovative activities.
• Executing of administrative requirements of this subsidy program
• Flexibly and efficiently administrate the hours and progress of all R&D activities within the project
• Report to the tax agency and the client
Cleveland Municipal School District, USA - Project Manager Literacy Program 2005 – 2008
Make curriculum accessible for teaching staff, within limits of grant
- Set up administrative organization and database
- Develop training program and implement and instruct training on MS applications to curriculum team staff members
- Gather and process curriculum
- Implementation curriculum on district website
- Control accessibility and workability website
- Team leader administrative project team
- Maintain records of expenses and time investment
- Report progress to council and grant givers

Aspect Foundation & Adventures in Real Communication, International en Cultural Exchange, U.S. - Program Administrative Coordinator 1994 – 2006
- Database management (MSAccess);
- Implementing administrative system (hard copy and electronic)
- Intern control grant administration (annual)
- Develop, maintain and improve administrative procedures
- Training administrative staff
- Approve and process student applications
- Organize and supervise mailings (bi-weekly)
- Responsible for all logistics of student orientation
- Meeting planning, including content and logistics
- Business correspondence with international partners regarding exchange students in the USA
- Travel arrangements for all students and staff

Herzog Automation, USA / Germany - Administrator Sales Department 2000 – 2002
- Facilitate communication between the mother company in Germany and the USA office, including translation of business correspondence and technical documents
- Preparing sales proposals and contracts
- Maintain records of proposals, orders, and sales commissions
- Track delivery and back log
- Database management (Excel, ACT!2000)
- Implementing administrative and archive system (hard copy and electronic)
- Tradeshow arrangements and contracts, including all logistics for people and machines
- Plan and supervise mailings
- Implement new software programs (ACT! 2000, iQuote)
- Improve administrative procedures, write administrative manuals
- Recruitment and training administrative personnel
- Office management including purchasing contracts


• Prince2 Foundation 2011
• P3O Foundation 2011
• ITIL Foundation V2 2010
• MS Excel advanced 2010
• MS Projects 2009
• Cultural Anthropology, BA 1997
• Tourism & Recreation, BA 1986
• Marketing 1982
• Secondary Education 1980


Josje is organized, efficient, goal oriented, and trustworthy in the carrying out of the tasks required from her. A professional appearance of all office correspondence is important to her, including websites and email.

She prioritizes well, works accurately and has a professional attitude towards clients, suppliers, managers and colleagues alike. She handles tasks simultaneously with talent and finishes tasks independently. She also is a team player and enjoys working with others. Josje is capable of delivering training and instruction, and also learns new processes and programs quickly. She adjusts easily to changing circumstances, environments and processes, and finds new projects challenging and interesting.

Areas of expertise
• Training coordination
• Grant and subsidies administration
• Project Management
• Logistics Management
• Administrative Organization
• Database Management
• Event management

Administrative skills
• Executing project administrations including subsidy projects
• Improving administrative procedures & writing procedures manuals
• Organization group activities, meetings, workshops, camps, event
• MS Office incl. MS Projects, MS Publisher, MS Access, Pagemaker
• HR application (PeopleSoft, PView, SAP)
• Office management, incl. selection & screening suppliers
• Recruitment & screening staff; training administrative staff


Dutch: mother tongue
English: fluent
German, Spanish, French


International work experience
United States, Belgium, Switzerland, Israel, Spain, France, Greece, New-Zealand


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