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Interim Manager - Sr. Project /Contract Manager

Interim Manager - Sr. Project /Contract Manager

Work Experience

>2001 June-2001 July
Project Consultancy, Waalre - The Netherlands
List of completed and current orders/projects:
# Project Manager for DHV-AIB (period: June 2001-July 2001)
Project: Extension of a Dutch Philips Lighting plant
Content: Full responsibility (financial, contractual,
planning, team) for the requirement spec., design,
engineering and tendering support.

>2001, June 1st
Started as independent Interim Manager.
Company name: Project Consultancy.

>2000-June 2001
DHV, Eindhoven - The Netherlands
# Contract Manager (2000-june 2001)
DHV is a large Dutch Engineering and Consultancy
company employing about 3,500 people in over 20
countries. As Contract Manager within the Market Unit
Philips responsibility for acquisition, contract
negotiation, supervising the appointed Project Manager
(and its team) on progress and quality. Responsible for
the regions Western Europe and part of Asia. Signed 4
new contracts with a total design fee of Euro 450 K.
Participated on behalf of Philips in a Due-Diligence
team for the Philips Electronics – Lucky Gold (LG)
merger of their Electronic Display Tubes divisions.

Philips Electronics / Philips Projects B.V.,
Eindhoven-The Netherlands
# Member Employers Council (OR)
During the last 12 months at Philips Projects became
member of the Employers Council. A large part of Philips
Projects was during this period taken over by Tyco
(American multinational). However, a few Dutch
departments finally were not included in the deal and it
was decided to size down and finally discontinue these
operations. Responsible within the Council for these
operations and wrote the conceptual version of the
Social Plan. Participated in the negotiations of this
Social Plan between the Philips Management and the
# Project Manager (1995-2000)
Leading the acquisition team for a Telecommunications
and Security project, part of a new to built Liquefied
Natural Gas (LNG) Plant Project, located in Oman. The
Oil & Gas market segment was an unexplored segment in
the business organisation. Responsible for the price
calculation and for closing the deal with a value of NLG
12 Mio. Responsible for the complete project execution,
from start-up until final hand-over, together with a
very motivated team and a high number of sub-contractors
and suppliers. Gained over 10% of variation orders
during the execution phase, with a satisfied main
contractor and customer (end-user) and could show a far
above average overall profit. The spin-off is a number
of potential new projects (currently under
development/acquisition) with the same main-contractor
and/or customer. Built-up a good reputation in this
market (Oil&Gas) and was preparing the organisation to
add a potential very lucrative segment to the current
# Site Manager, stationed in Saudi Arabia for 2 years
Selected for a position as Site Manager for a large
integrated communication project for the Saudi Air Force
and responsible for the work on three different Air
Bases. Project value (Philips): NLG 20 Mio Responsible
for the complete local operation with full
responsibility over the installation supervision,
commissioning and hand-over of all provided systems
(telecommunications and security). This also included
the responsible for all personnel assigned to the
project in Saudi, regarding their wellbeing and
performance. Further being responsible for initiating
and maintaining a good work-relationship with the main
contractor and other sub-contractors. Finished the works
completely with a satisfied client and motivated crew.
# Project Engineer (1991-1993)
Responsible for part of the technical design for a
number of systems and suppliers for the same project as
described above. Executed the complete price
calculations and took part in the contract negotiations,
which resulted in a contract. Made responsible for half
of the project execution as Project Engineer regarding
budget, planning, technical compliance and all related
supplier and customer relationships. Project was
delivered within planned schedule and with a satisfied

Philips Communications & Security systems,
Voorburg-The Netherlands
# Project co-ordinator (1989-1991)
Partly responsible for complete execution of a large (NLG
150 Mio) radar project called Scheldt Radar Chain.
Reported to the Project Manager, who represented the
company as main-contractor to the Dutch and Belgian
Ministries of Traffic. Responsible for most sub-
contractors regarding the technical specifications,
planning and budget. The project was completed within
schedule and budget.
# Software Systems Engineer (1988-1989)
Completed two projects:
- Client: Dutch Alien Police department of a small city.
Responsible for the technical specifications,
development and implementation of a automated
administrative system replacing the current paper/card
system. Product development with use of 4GL software.
- Participated in a team responsible for a new product
improving dramatically the maintenance operation of
Philips Telephone Switches (PABX’s). Product
development with use of 4GL tools.

Philips – Dupont Magnetics (PDM B.V.),
Oosterhout - The Netherlands
# Group Leader Applications (1987-1988)
Leading an investigation assisted by two engineers, to
improve the dropout characteristics of the magnetic
# Development Engineer (1985-1987)
Responsible for the investigation and development of an
automatic reel dropout test device used for inline
Magnetic tape production testing.


Bachelor of Science in Electronics (1985);Title: Ing / B.Sc.
Completed a number of courses of which the most important are:
- International Management Course
- High level assertive/communications skills training
- Project Management


Charismatic professional and people manager with good analytical skills and helicopter view. Excellent commercial feeling. Experienced with the Middle East Stands for quality and long term business relationships and does not stop until the final goal has been reached.
Further: Excellent computer skills and very experienced with MS Office tools including planning tools. Good presentation skills and well experienced with creating PowerPoint presentations.


Fluent in word and writing in Dutch, English and German, basic knowledge of French and currently studying Italian.


Would love to move to Italy, Rome region / Lazio


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