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Operartions manager

Operartions manager

Work Experience

About 10 years ago I’ve founded MediaGeniX n.v., a software company that was recognised as being one of the 3 leaders in its market segment, with an annual revenue of almost 5 million EUR. I’ve proven to have strong organisational and entrepreneurial skills.

Ø From December 1992 until October 2002: MediaGeniX n.v.

· MediaGeniX:
MediaGeniX was founded in December 1992 (under the name OO Partners) as an IT service company specializing in Object-oriented technology. In July 1997, after a first capital increase, it changed name to MediaGeniX to underline the focus on the broadcasting industry.

· Role within MediaGeniX
1. Founder, CEO and board member
2. Target of the board was to build a market leader in the niche market of broadcasting. As CEO, I was responsible for general management, including strategy and vision, business development, financial management, team build up and organization.

· Achievements
1. Start-up of OO Partners:
– Turn it into a company that was recognized and respected on the Belgian IT market (realization of innovative projects, organization of seminars, …).
2. Turn-around from service to product company in 1996-97 with sole focus on the broadcasting industry:
– Attracted Venture Capital to implement the change of strategy.
– Developed and implemented strategy to change the position on the market.
– Internal reorganization: change in working routines, define new roles, hire new additional skills, etc.
3. Build up a company with international customer base (i.e. larger European public and commercial TV stations). Result was a company that:
– was recognized as being one of the 3 leading software product companies in its domain,
– had a reputation of being very committed to its customers as the company was delivering what was promised. MediaGeniX had developed a “true” partnership relationship with its customers: very open discussions about product evolution, project issues, company development etc.
– generate yearly growing revenues (up to almost 5 million EUR during the last year). Out of the 13 customers, 12 were generated by myself.
4. Build up of a highly skilled team (90% had university or PhD. degree):
– From 10 employees in 1997 to a team of almost 70 highly motivated people in 2001.
– Build up a culture of strong engagement to the company, customers and employees.
5. Turn-around from 70 to 30 people*:
– Changing strategy from investment into new products to break-even scenario based on selling existing products and offering additional services to existing customers.
– Break-even plan was achieved, not including social debt as result of lay-offs.
6. Financial management:
– Financial reporting to the board on a quarterly basis.
– Cash planning was very detailed and accurate and financial results (i.e. revenues, costs) were always better than projected.

Ø Previous working experience.

· From July 1991 until December 1992, I worked for Gnosis n.v as consultant and Project manager and was responsible for the execution of projects at VTM.
· From September 1989 until June 1991, I worked at Trisoft n.v as developer, trainer and analyst working on several projects


· October 1984 – July 1989: university degree in computer science (Licentiaat Informatica, onderscheiding) at the Vrije Universtiteit Brussel
· September 1982 – June 1984: Wetenschappen A – Kon. Ath. Mechelen)
· September 1978 – June 1982: Moderne – RMS Kampenhout


· Drive to build up things from scratch
· Strong sense for responsibility
· Strong organisational skills – making it happen and not giving up easily
· Being able to motivate people and create motivating working environment
· Eye for detail
· Team player


· Dutch: mother language
· English: very good
· French: average


I now want to explore new challenges in my career. Personnel and organisational development are my key interest areas. I’m interested to join a company (not necessary in IT area) that needs to change its internal organisation as result of e.g. growth or turn-around. More particularly, I’m looking for a job requiring strong managerial and organisational skills and containing a high degree of social engagement. Preference goes to the role of Operations Manager: either being responsible for the entire internal operations of a SME, or being responsible for organisational and operational support within a business unit of a larger environment. In particular, I want to work hand in hand with other members of the management team to create a successful (growth) company.

· Sailing
· Mountain biking
· Ice skating

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